"Urban Gardening" is all the rage. Join in! With this novel mini raised bed you put your garden in motion. Plus you are unbeatable flexible. Because the "GreenBOX" is what you make out of it – indoors or outdoors: flower island for hobby florists, herb or vegetable garden for the fresh cuisine, planted separating element or sight protection, but also a sassy decorative furniture on wheels, mobile library for bookworms, juice bar, grill cart or toy box. Always flexible and especially designed for small spaces. This is what makes gardening fun – and so much more!

Gardening is fun - on balcony or terrace, in the conservatory or at the wall. In order to make you able to grow your own under any circumstances, we have developped, beneath the "GreenBOX",  also the "GreenRACK", the "GreenWALL" and the "GreenTABLE". The complete GreenFAMILY is made out of natural,  FSC® certified genuine wood and can be decorated on a whim with practical accessory products!

Product highlights

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Mini raised bed:

The series "GreenBOX" has been developed especially for "mini gardens" in the cities and for small areas. In three sizes, the mobile raised bed offers maximum user benefit: a practical flat which is integrated into the wooden cover as well as bottom board enable the use of the storage space inside of the castor-mounted plant boxes, e. g. for watering cans, garden tools etc. New accessories, especially developed for the series "GreenBOX", offer additional comfort for "GreenBOX" gardeners. All varieties allow a back-friendly work and make the cultivation and plant treatment of the "GreenBOX" easy and comfortable.

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Mobile plant furniture:

The "GreenRACK" offers design freedom for creative plant lovers: it is a mobile mini garden, rolling herb bed, modern shelf with plants or decoration box, green sight protection and much more – it is anything what you make of it. The versatile plant furniture on castors allows “Urban Gardening” in every season, because the "GreenRACK" can be flexibly used within the indoor and the outdoor area. A fitting plant pouch as well as nice and practical accessory products complete the imaginative innovation. The test editors of the German DIY magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" awarded the highest rating: VERY GOOD!

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Planting table:

The new "GreenTABLE" is the first table for mobile gardening; and furthermore, anything what creative users make of it: it serves as a mobile gardening station for planting, potting and cultivate of small and medium-sized plants and offers a lot of storage space for gardening utensils. In addition, you can “misuse” it as rolling mini garden for flowers and herbs, as a trendy crate shelf or just as a practical side table with a tray top.

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Green Wall:

The new "GreenWALL" is a clever design element for the vertical gardening and lets also bare walls within the indoor and and the outdoor area become friendly green. Thanks to two attachments placed on the rear, the "GreenWALL" can be fixed very easy at the wall. This works "solo" or in combination with further "GreenWALL" elements. With fitting accessories such as pot holders or single hooks, the "GreenWALL" becomes a vertical garden in no time - even on small wall areas.

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